(SOLD): ROCCHELLI, Andy. Russian Interiors.

(Pianello Val Tidone, Italy): Cesura Publish, 2014. First edition. 125 pages. A portryal of Russian women in the frame of their most intimate environments. Originally derived from a project of mutual exchange between the photographer and single women looking for husbands, the body of work moved gradually to the status of an anthropological research conducted on the Russian feminine society. Here interiors convey the key to interpret their occupants’ aspirations. The narration is pursued through sensory contrasts between juxtaposed fabrics, specifically through the relationships between chromatic patterns and tactile attributes that enrich each domestic scene. The women are depicted while doing spontaneous yet meaningful gestures that they got to choose themselves while telling the photographer about their lives. The photographer was killed shortly before publication whilst he was covering the clashes between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian army. A strange and touching book.  This is the deluxe version published in an edition of just 100 numbered copies, issued with a fine art print measuring 20cm by 15cm. Book and print housed in a black box.


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