INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE. Destruktion af RSG-6 – En kollektiv manifestation af Situationistisk Internationale.

Odense: Galerie Exi, n.d. [1963]. First edition. Small quarto. 28 pages. Includes the first printing of Guy Debord’s Les Situationnistes ou les nouvelles formes d’action dans la politique ou l’art. Text in Danish, English and French. Additional contributions by by Michele Bernstein, Jan Strijbosch, and J.V. Martin. One of few copies saved from the apartment of Situationist J.V. Martin, after the incident of a notorious bomb explosion in his house in 1965. Søren Kanstrup, a member of the Danish Communist Party and former East German spy, was arrested for the bombing. A good copy only with water (used to put out the fire) damage. The exhibition was an homage to the action of the ‘Spies for Peace’ anti-war activist group, that made public the British government’s secret plans to house key government workers in a hidden bunker in case of a nuclear attack. The catalogue offered together with the Danger! Official Secret RSG-6 pamphlet published by Spies for Peace in 1963 in an edition of 4,000 copies which were mailed to key officials, the national press, members of anti-war movements and also distributed on the streets. 7 foolscap sheets, top sheet present but free from the (rusted) staples.


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