MEIJER, Henk. J. Dit-Hap-Hap Happens in Amsterdam.

(Amsterdam): De Arbeiderspers, 1966. First edition. Large format paperback. An overview of the Amsterdam Provo, happening, Sixties scene, in particular the ‘Stoned in the Street’ event. Short interviews (biographies) and/or pictures of all the important people involved: Bart Huges, Robert Jasper Grootveld (the self-pronounced Smoke Magician, known from his own proverb ‘a content smoker is no troublemaker’), Simon Posthuma (Later of The Fool), Marijke Kroger (Later of The Fool), Johnny the Selfkicker van Doorn, Simon Vinkenoog, Gerrit Lamaaker, Nicolaas Kroese, Fred Wessels, Thom Jaspers, Joshio Nakajima, Joop Dielemans, Edward 66. Illustrated throughout with the photographs of Jaring Cor. A good copy in wrappers showing some wear and a large crease to front cover.


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