(SOLD): MARTINEZ, Hugo. United Graffiti Artists.

(New York, NY): Razor Gallery, 1973.  First edition.  Rare promotional postcard for the first commercial gallery graffiti exhibition, held at the Razor Gallery, Sept 4- 20, 1973.   In 1972, Hugo Martinez, a sociology major at City College in New York took notice of the legitimate artistic potential of the early graffiti writers.  He formed the United Graffiti Artists selecting top subway artists from all around the city.  He first showed their work at an informal exhibition at City College, this leading to the exhibition at the Razor Gallery.  The exhibition featured work by AMRL, BAMA, C.A.T. 87, COCO 144, FLINT 707, LEE 163, MICO, NOVA 1, PASE 2, CAD, RAY-B 954, ME 164, FLIP 1, RIFF 170, WORM, CASH, S. J. K. 171, SLIM 1, SPANKY 132, STITCH 1, SUPER STAR, TABU, TOM 177, T-REX 131, WG, and WICKED. These were the subway art pioneers that helped pave the way for subsequent generations of writers while laying the foundation for aerosol forms on a global scale.  The card measuring approx. 16cm by 11cm is in good condition.  The card is addressed to legendary photographer Fred McDarrah with a handwritten invite, postmarked on both sides.  The front image features the United Graffiti Artists, photographed by Migdoll.  A nice example of this rare and important card for the exhibition that laid the foundations for the future generations of graffiti artists. 



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