LUNA, Ian. Maison Martin Margiela.

(New York, NY): Rizzoli, 2009.  First edition.  Folio.  367 pages.  Graduating from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980s, Martin Margiela (and his contemporaries in the Antwerp Six) transformed global fashion with his aggressive restatement of traditional fashion design and a polemical approach to luxury trends.  The volume provides an inside look at the design process from a craftsman who creates pieces prized for their originality, delicacy, and daring In the spirit of Margiela’s garments, the book is a work of art in itself, designed exclusively by Margiela and complete with silver inks, ribbon markers, a variety of lush paper types, twelve booklets, and an embroidered white-linen cover This book provides a window onto the intimate, handmade world of a unique designer.



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