LOGAN, Nick. The Face.

(London): Feet First Productions, 1980 – 1988. Issues 1-100. Quarto. The first one hundred issues of this seminal magazine.  At its launch, the Face was something entirely new to the high street – a publication that merged the DIY ethos of punk with the high production values of Vogue and the literary-minded reflections on music and pop culture of Rolling Stone. The success of the title sent a shockwave through print media as newspapers and magazines rushed to catch up with the innovations in design and subject matter pioneered by the upstart title.  More importantly, Logan and The Face took a high-minded approach to celebrating the style trends of early 80’s youth culture, ground-breaking both in its content and its design, it spawned countless imitators.  Spurred on by an evolving cast of young contributors, many of whom would go on to become leading names in journalism, graphic design, fashion and photography, the magazine chased down new underground scenes with voracious eagerness. With each nascent movement – New Romantic, grunge, acid house, rave, trip-hop and Britpop – there came new stars for the magazine to champion on its cover: Boy George, Sade, Soul II Soul, Kate Moss, Kurt Cobain, Alexander McQueen, Björk, Oasis, etc.  The Face celebrated its 100th issue in triumphal fashion. There was an elaborate fold-out cover, essays by star writers such as Nick Kent and Julie Burchill and fashion stories by leading photographers including Mario Testino and Nick Knight, their contributions all testament to the magazine’s dazzling international profile. “Every art director in New York and Tokyo has to have the Face now,” declared cultural commentator Peter York. “Magazine of the decade,” the publication itself trumpeted on the cover. Today the Face still retains its reputation as one of the most influential magazines in British publishing history.  A very good set of this important cult magazine that oozed attitude whilst becoming an icon of ‘style culture’, the benchmark for the very latest trends in music, fashion, photography and film.


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