LENNON, John and ONO, Yoko. War is Over!

(No place): Self published. 1969. An original promotional ‘WAR IS OVER’ flyer. Measuring approx. 21cm x 15cm. Inscribed by John Lennon and signed by Yoko Ono in light red coloured pencil. John Lennon inscribes “Love from John Lennon” and Yoko signs “Yoko Ono Lennon”.
The autographs were obtained on December 22nd 1969 during a private meeting aboard a train at the Canadian National Railway station with LeDain commissioner’s Dr. Heinz Lehmann and Ian Campbell. The LeDain commission was set up by the Canadian government to look into the use of drugs. The autographs come with a detailed letter from the recipient who was gifted the autograph by Dr. Heinz Lehmann. The couple’s most famous collaborative works, the Bed-Ins (1969)
and the War Is Over! campaign (1969 – 1970), were conceived as
elements of a large peace advertising campaign.

Their War Is Over! campaign was launched in December 1969, a
project that included billboards and posters in 11 cities of the world
simply declaring “War Is Over! If You Want It. Happy Christmas from
John & Yoko.” As with Ono’s earliest instruction pieces, viewers were
invited to transform their dreams into reality. Ono has explained,
“All my work is a form of wishing.” The flyer is in excellent condition with only light rubbing and a couple of tiny pin holes to the top centre. A scarce flyer, rare inscribed.


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