LAVATER, Warja. Imageries.

(Paris): Adrien Maeght, 1968 – 1982.  First edition.  Octavo.  Unpaginated.  Six volumes.  Little Red Riding Hood / Snow White / Tom Thumb / The Fable of Hazard / Sleeping Beauty /  Cinderella.  Each volume a single sheet around four metres in length accordion folded.  A wonderful set of Lavater’s  re-telling of classic fairy tales with symbols rather than words (or even pictures).  The images propose a complete re-telling of the fairy tale, one in which the pictograms can be interpreted by the spectator according to his own whim. The viewer thus becomes a storyteller himself and so continues the tradition of these oral tales.  Each volume in fine condition in coloured cloth with paper label, in individual Perspex slipcases with publisher’s printed box.    



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