KUGELBERG, Johan. Born in the Bronx: A Visual Record of Raps Early Days.

Vinyl Factory Publishing Ltd, no date. First edition. Deluxe issue. One of 250 numbered copies. Exhibition catalogue that documents performance, fashion and street-life in the Bronx hip-hop community of the late 70’s. The catalogue is divided into three booklets, one illustrates the hip-hop photographs of Joe Conzo, one section illustrates examples of Buddy Esquires designs and artwork for early hip-hop flyers and posters from the birth of the movement. The third section is about the exhibition and includes question & answer sections with Tony Tone, Charlie Chase, Joe Conzo, Buddy Esquire and Marc Ecko. The booklets are housed in a super fat maxi 12” sleeve. This deluxe issue also includes a Joe Conzo photographic print (signed and numbered) and a numbered and signed Buddy Esquire silk-screen flyer together with limited edition vinyl LP of the Cold Crush Brothers vs. the Fantastic Romantic Four in 1981. Considered by many to be the greatest old school hip hop battle of all time. All items in


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