(SOLD): HUGES, Bart Hugo. Suikergoed & Marsepein.

(Amsterdam): Barbara Huges, 1968. First edition. Quarto. 24 pages. The author's detailed account of his concept and theory of trepanation of the skull. Huges proposed that trepanation could be used to enhance brain functionality by balancing the proportion of blood and cerebral spinal fluid, he believed that, when mankind began to walk upright, our brains drained of blood and that trepanation allowed the blood to better flow in and out of the brain, causing a permanent “high”. Using a foot-operated electric dentist drill, Huges drilled a hole in his skull on January 6, 1965. This a good copy in handmade covers with schematic drawing pasted to cover. There are a number of corrections and under-linings to the text, and some side notes, suggesting that this may of been Huges own copy, he published a revised and expanded 2nd edition in 1970.


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