HEYNE, Stefan. The Noise.

(Heidelberg, Germany): Kehrer, 2008.  First edition.  Quarto.  94 pages.  The Noise is aptly named. His images give the impression of being situated between two states, like the static between radio stations. Their subjects, a window, the keel of a boat, a doorway, a phone, are still recognizable but are reduced to the most basic forms emerging from the surrounding darkness. Heyne uses blur to create these abstractions of simple objects in such a way that there is little that is obviously ‘photographic’ about these images. The essays in the book refer to Gerhard Richter’s photorealistic paintings and Heyne’s images feel like a similar exploration of the boundary between painting and photography.  A very good copy in photo-illustrated boards.  This example signed by the photographer on the title- page with a signed letter and four postcards laid-in.


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