(SOLD): HEBDIGE, Dick. Subculture: The Meaning of Style.

(London): Methuen, 1979. First edition. Softcover issue. 195 pages. The scarce first printing of this important and influential work in which Hebdige argues that the styles of Britain’s postwar working-class youth subcultures challenge dominant ideology, hegemony, and social normalization through symbolic forms of resistance. Hebdige focuses, in particular, on the evolution of styles in subcultures such as Teddy boys, mods, rockers, skinheads and punks. According to Hebdige, style is constructed through a combination of clothing, music, dance, make-up and drugs. He emphasizes the historical, socioeconomic, class, race, and mass media contexts of each subculture. For instance, Hebdige argues that there is a common theme underlying the white punk and black reggae subcultures; both reject British national symbolism. Although seemingly unrelated, Hebdige proves this point by outlining the similarities in their styles. A very good copy in wrappers.


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