GIRARD, Sebastien. Richard Prince 1234: Instagram Recordings.

(Toulouse, France): Sebastien Girard, 2019.  First edition.  Quarto.  Unpaginated.  Vol.1 to Vol.12, all published.  Back in 2015 Richard Prince started his new account “Richard Prince 1234” on Instagram.  The account operated for two years during which Prince made 2664 posts and Sebastien Girard recorded all of them and they are reproduced here in 12 chronological books of 48 pages, each one housed in a record sleeve featuring one of the Instagram posts.  Each volume produced in an edition of 150 examples (with some examples sold individually fewer than 150 complete sets will exist) .  An interesting appropriation of the work of Richard Prince the New York-based artist famous for appropriation. His work relies heavily on the work of others. Not all of his pieces or projects are appropriated, but his most famous pieces owe their existence to the technique.  The work also serves as a documentation of Prince’s Instagram creativity.  All twelve volumes in fine condition housed in plastic sleeves with stickers featuring Prince blurb.  Because of the variety of covers, each set is unique, the set here, featuring some of the more desirable covers.


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