GATEWOOD, Charles. Wall Street.

(Woodstock, NY): Sun in Scorpio Press, 1984. First edition. Oblong quarto. Gatewood is best known as a photographer who documents the sexual underground and helping launch the Modern Primitives meme into popular consciousness. This however is undoubtedly his best book, and one of the best American photobooks of recent times. Unlike his other work that emphasizes sexuality and the idiosyncracies and weirdness of human existence, these images are ethereal, formal and emotionally void with an underlying theme of capitalism and control. “Wall Street” illustrates the message that perhaps money and high finance constitute the real obscenity of our age. The black and white concrete desolation of these photographs provide a set of visual metaphors for that most secretive perversion of all, high finance. This is a near fine copy in black wrappers with silver lettering.  Published in a total edition of 700 copies, signed and numbered by Charles Gatewood. Superb volume that deserves a wider audience.


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