DAVIES, Adam and Travis LOW and others. The Fifth Goal 1998-2003. Transcendental Graffiti Zine.

(No place): Division Leap and Hierophant, 2015.  First edition.  Octavo.  423 pages.  Superb volume reproducing all eight issues of Blake Donner’s cult zine.  Beginning in the late-’90s as a fusion of Krishna consciousness, music, and graffiti, the early issues include an assortment of personal essays, art, and relatively minor bits of music coverage. Much of the topics deal with standard fare ’90s hardcore idealism, nonviolence, animal rights, and so on—perhaps naïve in delivery but well-intentioned nonetheless. Along the way, Blake became disillusioned with Krishna consciousness, and by issue #5 the entire zine was essentially devoted to freight train graffiti—leaning heavily on railroad monikers, to be specific.  The volume also includes essays by Adam Davis, Travis Low and others.  A near fine copy in wrappers.  This the first printing of 250 copies that sold out on publication.


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