(SOLD): CONRAD, Patrick. Pink Power: Identiteitskaart Pink.

Printed in the Desert, 1972.  Rare passport for membership of the Belgian Pink Poet group.  The Pink Poets, were a group of 13 poets, artists and intellectuals united in their opposition to the dumbing down of culture, in their fostering of a dandified, romantic-decadent attitude to life, and in the creation of sophisticated, word-based and mannerist poetry.  The founding members of the group were, P. Conrad, N. Van Bruggen, W. Spillemaekers, H.-Fl Jespers, P. Snoek, M. Bartosik, R. Van Den Broeck, R. Lowet de Wotrenge, G. Ade, A. Szukalski, M. Oukhow, F. Beukelaers  and H. Craeybeckx.  Passport measures 12 by 15cm (folded to 12cm by 7.5cm).  The details on this example havent been completed.  In very good condition.  Scarce, no examples recorded on Worldcat.


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