(SOLD): CHAINSAW, Charlie. Chainsaw.

(London): Charlie Chainsaw, 1981.  First edition.  Quarto.  28 pages.  Issue 12.  Chainsaw Fanzine was started in suburban Croydon, in the middle of the 1977 punk boom – and continued until its fourteenth issue, in December 1984. It started out as a “Sniffin’ Glue” and “Ripped And Torn” clone, but quickly developed its own distinctive style, by concentrating on (then) totally unknown bands and featuring seriously sick cartoons, articles and newspaper cuttings.  This issue the first to include a now fairly collectible flexi-disc with tracks by Tronics, Dancing Did and Instant Automations.  Also includes a comic strip by M.J. Weller.  A very good copy, this issue like most typed on a typewriter with a missing “N” key. The missing “N” filled in by hand.  Flexi is mint and unplayed.


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