(SOLD): Carrion, Ulises and Aart van Barneveld. The Stampa Newspaper.

(Amsterdam): Stempelplaats, 1980. First edition. Broadside. Two sheets, each 65 x 50 cm (unfolded) and 32.5 x 50 cm folded to make 8 pages. It was intended that the newspaper was to be (rubber) stamped by around 80 artists, but the project was never completed or released. This issue includes approx. 58 stamps by artists including Ulises Carrion, Guy Bleus, C. Goulart, szombathy, R. Peli, Kristine Stiles, Imagezine (La Mamelle), dziekanka, Klaus Groh, and Aaron Flores. A very good copy, creased where once folded.



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