(SOLD): BRANZI, Andrea, Massimo MOROZZI, Adela TURIN-COAT and Clino Trini CASTELLI. Decorattivo: Manuale per use Professional / Manual for Professional Use: Monografia Sulla Decorative Ambientale / Monograph on Environmental Decoration.

(Milan): Centro Design Montefibre, 1975-1977.  First editions.  Quarto.  Three volumes, 1975, 1976, 1977, all published.  With the aim of spreading the culture of colour in the design world these manuals were prepared and issued for research purposes only. They propose that colour is an important design parameter, previously design had previously been conditioned by principles based on rationality, compositional balance, and the correspondence between form and function, as unique parameters of design correctness.  The manuals present a range of forty colours organised into families along with a specifically designed operational apparatus composed of an insulator and a colour simulator to compare colours and industrially reproduce shades, thus becoming a working tool to design colours.  The colours being built from an analysis of  sociocultural, psychological, and physiological implications that colours can generate detached from any project and without any intention of providing solutions to specific ergonometric or psychological problems or acting as a forecasting tool.  The manuals are also integrated with a specific theme including historical notes that describe the chromatic trends and expressions of different periods.  All volumes illustrated throughout.  Very good copies of these rare, (copies were not offered for sale), and important works that pioneered the importance of colour dimensions in designer education.  These copies labelled for the personal use of Italian designer Massimo Vignelli.


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