BRACH, Paul. John Kacere.

(Paris): Lincoln Publishing, 1989. First edition. Quarto. 169 pages. Preface by Jean Louis Ferrier. (French text). Superb work on the art of John Kacere, published on ocasion of the exhibition of his work at Galerie Lavignes-Bastille Sept 12th to October 15th, 1989. Associated with the photorealists, Kacere‘s themes are those of obsession. For Kacere, the cascade of drapery of a raised skirt, the buttocks or mons veneris seen through bikini briefs, the garter belts and the sheer stockings are not only the trappings of seduction. They are a kit of parts, as were Morandi’s humble jars and bottles, that give him the formal elements with which to construct his erotic icons. For almost twenty years, he has delicately rearranged the parts, varying the models and their garb, but they have all been visions of the same Goddess. A very good plus copy in dust jacket. Surprisingly scarce.


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