BIRELLI, Giorgio – CALDINI, Carlo – FIUMI, Fabrizio – GALLI, Paolo. “9999”. Ricordi di Architettura / Architectural Memoirs.

(Florence): Tipolitografi a G. Capponi, 1972.  First edition.  Folio.  272 pages.  Founded in 1967 by Giorgio Birelli, Carlo Caldini, Fabrizio Fiumi, and Paolo Galli while they were students of architecture at the University of Florence, Gruppo 9999 was conceived as a research and work group dedicated to architectural experimentation and sustainability. Its large-scale projects and environments brought to the forefront questions of ecology, global transformation, and man’s relationship to the environment. Notably, in 1972, Gruppo 9999 won MoMA’s “Competition for Young Designers” with its project the Vegetable Garden House. Included in MoMA’s ground-breaking exhibition Italy: The New Domestic Landscape, the Vegetable Garden House developed out of Gruppo 9999’s earlier experiments conducted in Space Electronic, an avant-garde discothèque the group founded and designed in Florence in 1969.  The volume here documents the first five years of the groups experimental research.  The volume is illustrated throughout and printed on heavy pink card stock and bound in an impressive copper binding with embossed title vignette.  A very good copy of this important work.


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