(SOLD): BIDLO, Mike. The Factory.

(New York, NY): Mike Bidlo, 1984.  Flyer / cast sheet for Bidlo’s production, The Factory.  Bidlo is best known for his appropriations of other artists’ works, as in his “Not Pollock” or “Not Picasso” series. In this case, he appropriated the entire atmosphere of Warhol’s Factory for a live-in work of art/righteous party.  Bidlo’s Warhol theme party in effect involved a bunch of ultra-hip ’80s art scenesters playing a variety of ultra-hip ’60s art scenesters.  Notably, the now-legendary artist David Wojnarowicz was cast in the role of Velvet Underground frontman “Lou Reed.” Artist (and future founder of the Green Party of Hawaii) Keiko Bonk played “Nico.”  East Village punk photographer Jimmy de Sana played Warhol chronicler “Billy Name.” The late abstract painter Ruth Kligman was “Elizabeth Taylor.”  There are many other fun casting choices. Perhaps the figure who’s improved her status most since the fake “Factory” days is painter Marilyn Minter, an art star now, but a humble “Go-Go Dancer” in 1984.  With a central character in a nurse’s outfit freely distributing acid to the hordes. This was a party so authentic it could surely compete with all the great L.S.D. parties of the sixties.  A4 Flyer is in very good condition. 


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