Atelier Populaire. Renault Flins.

(Paris): Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 1968. Original poster. This poster, measuring approx. 56cm by 76cm, was made on 9 June 1968 in response to actions by the Compagnie Républicaine de Sécurité (known as C.R.S., the French equivalent of riot police). Three days prior, on 6 June, the CRS occupied the Renault car factory at Flins to prevent the striking workers from taking over the premises. This poster condemns police repression, depicting a CRS officer as a sinister skull with a mechanic’s wrench between its teeth. A very good example of this striking poster. The correct issue with ECOLE SUPERIEURE/ DES BEAUX-ARTS/ 17 QUAI MALAQUAIS stamp in purple to bottom right corner.


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