Archive of Pornographic Nurse Pulp Novels.

(San Diego): Multiple publishers, including Bondage House, Heatherpool, Companion Book, Patch Pockets, etc., 1975-1988. First Editions. Octavos. This collection of 61 nurse-themed porn novels spans the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, and features examples of a sub-genre by publisher Bondage House, focused on power-relationships and the subjugation of said nurses. Though predominantly devoted to a variety of nurses (school, night, naughty, hot etc.), the sexualization of the medical profession also extends to ladies playing doctor, the doctor's hot wife, the doctor's hot daughters, and a horny little candy striper. Near fine in a variety of lurid photographic and illustrated wrappers. Excellent condition overall; rare thus. A full detailed listing is available on request.


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