(SOLD):(ROPS, Félicien). ANQUETIL, Georges. Satan Conduit Le Bal. roman pamphlétaire et philosophique des mœurs du temps.

(Paris): Les Editions Georges Anquetil, 1925.  First edition.  Large paper copy.  Octavo.  571  [5] pages.  Preface by the author. A fantastic copy of this néo-décadentiste novel that attacks the disintegration of ‘true Frenchness’ with the coming of the jazz age, categorizing ‘Les Dances’ as dens of iniquity where drugs and sex reigned supreme.  The novel a crazy mix of various narratives is set in France during the early 20th-century during the government of Poincare where Anquetil’s criticism spares no one, from socialist to nationalist.  He associates the names of prominent French figures with extreme scenes of debauchery in order to indicate that France was being led to ruin by those that governed it.  Georges Clemenceau, an early French prime minister is described as a “whoremonger” who brought victory in WWI and prostitution. Anquetil was imprisoned shortly after publication for insult and defamation.  Anquetil, considered both an anarchist, unscrupulous opportunist turned his hand to journalism in 1914 having been struck from the Bar Association.  As a spokesman for revolutionary communism he published a number of far left pamphlets before finding some success with an illustrated satirical newspaper, Le Grand Guignol.  Years later  when the Second World War broke out, Anquetil spoke out against Nazism, and followed up with the (similar work) Hitler Conduit Le Bal which marked him out as an activist, leading to his arrest and deportation to the Buchenwald camp in Germany, where he died on 1 March 1945.  A near fine copy in illustrated wrappers featuring a stunning image of Satan sitting astride the world. This is the deluxe issue one of an unspecified number, numbered and signed by the author, and including an original soft-gound etching ‘Satan Jetant A La Terre La Pature Qu’elle Attend‘ by Felicien Rops. (Exteens No.790).  The etching measures approx. 23.75cm by 19cm including wide margins, folded as issued.  The image depicts Satan about to throw a giant hairy vulva down unto the distant earth, which has been transformed into a swarming mass of craving erect penis’ The subject shows Rops at the peak of his explicacy and is a purest visualisation of misogynism, the theory he adopted from Charles Baudelaire.  A very good example of one the most rare and explicit (and largest) prints by Félicien Rops.  A very nice copy of this important work, rare in this state and format.  This example is numbered 58 and given its rarity it is thought that fewer than 100 copies were so produced. 


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