(SOLD): ALIG, Michael. Lunch Box.

(USA): Plastic lunch box, 1997. The actual lunch box with contents that Michael Alig was carrying at the time of his arrest for the murder of Angel Melendez in a confrontation over a drug debt. The box lacks a bottle of GBH, an unidentified white powder, unidentified pill and a lighter otherwise contents are as at the time of his arrest and include an empty bottle of Methadone dated, 11-28-96 six days before arrest, half straw, “Hot ticket” for Birthday Party on Oct 25th which was held at the Honey Trap – VIP Tiny room card, foundation, powder, razor blades, clippers, brooch, make up brush, body glitter, lip gloss, tweezers, pen lid, hotel room key, nail polish, Mac eye shadow and a fluff ball. Alig began as a busboy at Danceteria in 1983 but soon, along with James St. James, was to revolutionarize 80s / ’90s New York nightlife. Taking the nightime by storm with his subversive energy as he cooked up all sorts of mayhem and provocation, Alig became Clown Prince of the Club Kids. Alig lead his band of fabulous weirdos, with their kiddie lunch boxes and funny nicknames, as they traipsed from one nightclub to the next. Their numbers grew week by week, and soon he was drawing hundreds of people to his outlaw parties, where the costumed hordes would overwhelm a Burger King or doughnut shop or subway platform, turn on a boom box, and party until the police showed up. Alig packaged the Club Kids with a Warholian flair, turning them into trading cards, videos and other projects that made sheer hedonism into an art form. It was all to end, sadly though when Alig was arrested and convicted of manslaughter. The party was over, the end of of the golden years of Manhattan nightlife. The lunch box is in very good condition partially covered with contemporary stickers, some for clubs, and events. The contents of the lunch box are in good condition only with make-up stains to most items, the methadone label and party ticket are only partially legible. An iconic item from New York nightlifes most creative and outrageous period. Lunch boxes were adopted by the Club Kids to store their stashes, make-up but were also an integral part of their ostentatious custumes that were part drag, part clown, and part infantilism. The events of Michael Alig’s years as a club promoter up to his arrest were portrayed in the 1998 documentary Party Monster: The Shockumentary and the 2003 feature film Party Monster starring Macaulay Culkin as Alig and Seth Green as St. James. The events are also covered in St. James’s memoir, Disco Bloodbath.


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